Academic Freedom

Basing Decisions

Breach of positive obligations of the state

Child labor

Claim of the iura novit curia / supplement complaint amendment

Combating transnational organized crime and terrorism




Conventional interpretation

Conventionality Control

Crimes against humanity

Death penalty


Deprivation of liberty

Distinctions and discriminations

Due diligence obligation

Due Process

Due Process material and immaterial damage

Due Process Presumption of innocence

Due Process Publicity in criminal proceedings

Due Process res judicata

Due Process Right against self-incrimination

Due Process Right of self-defense

Due Process Right to a competent, independent and imparcial tribunal

Due Process Right to a trial without undue delay

Due Process Right to access to a lawyer and consular assistance

Due Process Right to apply for amnesty, pardon or commutation of sentence

Due Process Right to be heard with due guarantees

Due Process Right to be promptly informed of charges

Due Process Right to confront witnesses

Due Process Right to counsel

Due Process Right to dispute resolutions

Due Process Right to interpretation and translation

Due Process Right to reasonable time to prepare a defense

Duty to investigate human rights violations

Eonomic, social and cultural rights

Effectiveness of judgments depends on their execution

Enforced disappearance of persons

Equality of rights between men and women


Evolutionary interpretation

Exceptional separation of child from his family

Execution of Judgments of the iachr

Execution of ADRDM

Free trade


Freedom of association

Freedom of Conscience

Freedom of expression, communication and receiving information

Freedom of Religion

Freedom of scientific research

Freedom of thought

Gross Human rights violations

Habeas corpus

Humanitarian law

Humanitarian law distinction

Intellectual property right to the protection of the moral interests resulting from invention

International state responsibility

Judicial guarantees

Labor law

Labor law Collective bargaining

Labor law equal promoting opportunity

Labor law Equality and pay equity

Labor law Equitable working conditions

Labor law fair retribution

Labor law free choice of employment

Labor law health and safety

Labor law maternity protection

Labor law minimum wage

Labor law paid vacations

Labor law maximum working hours

Legal obligation to protect victims

Military jurisdiction

Ne bis in idem (not to be tried again for the same offense)

Obligation of persons exercising their rights

Obligation to bring domestic legislation (adopt legislative measures)

Obligation to decide on effective remedy interposed

Obligation to develop effective remedy

Obligation to ensure the human rights

Obligation to file reports

Obligation to fully repair a human rights violation

Obligation to prevent and punish torture

Obligation to prevent human rights violations

Obligation to prevent state agents violate human rights

Obligation to prevent the recurrence of human rights violations

Obligation to promote and protect the full enjoyment of human rights

Obligation to promote international cooperation

Obligation to protect from unemployment

Obligation to protect consumers

Obligation to protect personal data

Obligation to provide extensive compensation opportunities for victim

Obligation to punish the responsible authorities for human rights violations

Obligation to remove policies and practices that violate human rights

Obligation to respect human rights

Obligation to separate prosecuted from convicted

Obligation to separate prosecuted Juvenile from adults (due process)

Obligation to take action of any character (effectiveness of human rights)

Obligations on deprivation of liberty

Personal freedom

Personal freedom of minors

Political rights

Precaution humanitarian law

Predictability rule

Preliminary objections

Preventive detention (not general rule)

Principle of effectiveness

Principle of effectiveness of Human Rights

Principle of indivisibility

Principle of interdependence

Principle of legality

Principle of progression

Principle of proportionality of penalty

Principle of proportionality restriction hhrr

Principle of retroactivity

Principle of the best interest of the child

Principle of universality

Principle proportionality humanitarian law

Principle on the use of force

Pro homine principle

Prohibition against arbitrary deprivation of life

Prohibition of age discrimination

Prohibition of arbitrary expulsion of a non-national legally admitted (due process)

Prohibition of banishment

Prohibition of collective expulsion of non-nationals

Prohibition of death penalty for political crimes

Prohibition of death penalty on pregnant women

Prohibition of death penalty to juveniles

Prohibition of death penalty to persons over seventy

Prohibition of detention, imprisonment or arbitrary deprivation of freedom

Prohibition of disability discrimination

Prohibition of discrimination against women

Prohibition of discrimination

Prohibition of enforced Dissapearance of Persons

Prohibition of expulsion of non-nationals to countries where their lives or freedom would be threatened

Prohibition of genocide, prevention and punishment

Prohibition of human cloning for reproduction

Prohibition of imprisonment for civil debts

Prohibition of inciting hatred, war

Prohibition of indirect discrimination

Prohibition of medical or scientific experiments without consent

Prohibition of nationality discrimination

Prohibition of propaganda for war

Prohibition of racial discrimination

Prohibition of religious discrimination

Prohibition of sexual orientation discrimination

Prohibition of slavery, servitude and forced labor

Prohibition of trafficking in slaves, women and children

Prohibition of trascendental punishment

Prohibition of usury

Prohibition on eugenics

Prohibition on torture, cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment

Public order of human rights and its effectiveness

Purpose of sentences involving deprivation of liberty

Reasonable time

Refugees and displaced persons

Relatives of victims of human rights violations can be also victims

Requirements for confession (due process)

Restriction of rights

Right of access to public information

Right of association

Right of minorities to enjoy their own culture, to profess and practice their own religion and use their own language

Right of Peoples to self-determination

Right of Peoples to use their natural wealth and resources

Right of reply or correction

Right to a family, its protection and constitution

Right to a name

Right to a nationality

Right to access to documents

Right to access to justice (due process)

Right to access to public services

Right to an adequate standard of living

Right to an effective remedy for human rights violations

Right to asylum

Right to compensation for human rights violations

Right to compensation for illegal detention or imprisonment

Right to compensation for miscarriage of justice

Right to conscientious objection

Right to consular assistance

Right to development

Right to education

Right to effective judicial protection (due process)

Right to effective judicial protection in execution of resolutions

Right to enjoy and benefit from culture

Right to enjoy the benefits of scientific progress and its applications

Right to enter and leave a country

Right to environment

Right to equal pay

Right to equality

Right to equality before courts (due process)

Right to equality before the law

Right to food

Right to gather

Right to good governance

Right to health

Right to honor, glory, reputation, private life, privacy and family

Right to inviolability of home

Right to judicial protection and due process for minors

Right to juridical personality

Right to life

Right to marry

Right to move and reside freely

Right to peace and security

Right to personal physical, mental and moral integrity

Right to personal security

Right to presumption of innocence (due Process)

Right to privacy of communication and correspondence

Right to private property

Right to property

Right to request

Right to social security

Right to strike

Right to take part in public affairs

Right to the truth concerning gross human rights violations

Right to universal, democratic elections, secret ballot

Right to vote and be elected

Right to water

Rights of immigrants due process

Rights of immigrants or foreigners

Rights of indigenous peoples

Rights of migrant workers

Rights of peoples

Rights of persons deprived of liberty

Rights of persons with disabilities

Rights of the child

Rights of the child regarding work

Rights of the child to leisure and recreation

Rights of the elderly

Sexual violence

Sound judgment

State as guarantor of human rights


Suspension of Rights guarantees

Systematic interpretation

Teleological interpretation


Unavailability of human rights

Union right

Use of force

Victims of crime and abuse of power, principles

Victims’ rights violations hhrr (due process)

War crimes

Womens’ rights