ACHR Preamble; ACHPR Preamble; CSEUR Preamble; PACHRESCR: Preamble; ICCPR: Preamble; ICESCR: Preamble


Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Preamble

ACHR Preamble


Declaration on the Right to Development Adopted by the General Assembly in its resolution 41/128 of December 4, 1986.


International Conference on Human Rights, Teheran, 1968


Resolution 32/130, United Nations General Assembly. 105th plenary session, December 16, 1977.


Resolution 37/200, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly of December 18, 1982.


Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action. World Conference on Human Rights, Vienna, June 25, 1993. Article 5.


Principle of Indivisibility

Principle of Progression

Principle of Universality