ACHR 22.7; ACHPR 12.3 , 23.2a); CFREU 18; ADRDM: 27; UDHR 14.1


Convention on Diplomatic Asylum. Caracas, March 28, 1954, 10th Inter-American Conference.


Convention on Diplomatic Asylum. Uruguay. December 26, 1933, 7th Inter-American Conference.


Convention on Political Asylum. Havana February 20, 1928, 6th Inter-American Conference.


Convention on Territorial Asylum, Caracas 10a. March 28, 1954, 10a. Inter-American Conference.


Declaration on Territorial Asylum.  General Assembly resolution 2312 (XXII), December 14, 1967


Declaration on the human rights of individuals who are not nationals of the country in which they live. General Assembly resolution No 40/144, December 13, 1985.


Inter-American Convention to Prevent and Punish Torture 15

Special Rapporteur on Refugees, asylum, migrants and internally displaced ACHPR

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